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Using nExamHall, the exam can be created in minutes. Assign your exam to specific team, then you can schedule the exam. All your data’s are protected.

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About us

  • As all the competitive exam goes online in India, it is important for learners to get practiced in the exam environment and everyone wants the Best Online exam Software provider.
  • nExamHall provides best and very responsive, an understandable web application product in online exam segment. Very simple and self-manageable by anyone and anyone can be maintained, manage and upload the question paper to the panel without any hesitation
  • Most powerful online assessment tool with features like real exam templates, bulk Question uploader, detailed analysis and more.



Day's Monitoring


Questions solved


Completed Exams


Self Registration

Student can signup in the system and take the exam in any where with any device without help of any body.

Language Support

Facility provided to conduct the exam in multiple languages.

Detailed Analysis

Subject, Time and Unit wise analysis provided.

Data Security

All the information has been kept in robust online cloud infrastructure with dedicated servers.

SMS Integration

SMS gateway can be integrated if required.

Exam Series Maker

Exam series will have the list of exams specific to particular area and so student can do more practice before attending actual exams. We can sell the series to public users also.

Theme Builder

Themes can be set for various look & feel. Choose close to your corporate color. or change whenever you like

Excel Upload

Facility provided for Bulk Questions and Users upload.

Printable Report

Facility provided to print the reports and to generate as PDF.


Servers are monitored 24x7, dedicated team for on and off support for customers

Mobile Apps

nExamHall can be used in Mobile platforms, users can write the exams/review their results at their convinience.

Video Series Maker

Video Series will helps to attract learners to get excellent knowledge of understanding the specific area in focused manner and students can get more values in the competitive world.

Evidence proves that video is far more effective when it is short and targeted. It will provide in the organized and interesting way to the students.

View Solutions

Facility provided to view the solutions on completion of the exam or later.

Question Bank

Facility provided to view the solutions on completion of the exam or later.

Exam Creator

Tools allow you to create the exam in multiple combinations and assign to numerous batches with a ease of click.

PDF Download

Tool provides an option to generate the PDF for Q&A with watermark and institute logo, where admin have the option to allow downloads.

Payment Integration

Tool Provides you to integrate Payment gateway of Institute's choice on demand.

Secured by SSL

Covered by industry leading SSL. We use 128-bit SSL encryption, the same used for internet banking. Online applications are much more secure than emailing your data or giving out discs with your data on it.